Summer is known for light ad breezy outfits, so a lot of people may raise their eyebrows when they hear about wearing leather in the summer. At Sinikka we celebrate that there are so many ways to wear leather in the warmer months. Summer can be a bit chilly in the evenings, so you can still put those leather jackets to good use.


Light Leather Jackets for Summer

Light leather jackets are great for summer. The great thing is that most jacket manufacturers and designers are no longer limiting themselves to making leather apparel designed to insulate and protect the wearer from cold. Leather jackets can be tailored to be lightweight and breezy, perfect compliments to causal tees that most men like to sport in the summer. Look for a jacket with a clean, lean silhouette,one that is streamlined to be casual and easy to wear.


Choosing the Right Leather Summer Jacket

Leather jackets for the summer should be light and thin, never padded, never with thick collars nor many embellishments. Go for airy and breezy, something that resembles a thick,casual shirt with larger pockets. Leather jackets for the summer also have more color than your jackets for warmer weather. Embellishments, such as zippers,belts, and other hardware can give your look a heavy, weighed-down feel, not good if you want to feel free and light. Synthetic leather jackets are also great alternatives since these do not insulate as well as genuine leather. They are lighter, and compared to real leather, relatively cheap.


How to Wear Leather in the summer

Leather in the summer should be worn with light and airy clothing as well. Go for printed cotton shirts, a simple white tee over a pair of casual khaki or denim. The appropriate footwear would be loafers, sneaker, or summer sandals. Leather can be casual and with an ensemble like this, you can achieve that laid-back summer vibe with relatively very little effort. Keep accessories at a minimum. Most guys love to spice up an outfit using the perfect pair of shades, and they are good to go.


 Leather jackets for men can be worn with style and ease during the summer. Do not let traditional wardrobe misconceptions prevent you from rocking the perfect leather jacket even in warmer weather. As long as you have the right style of jacket and you feel comfortable in it, there is no reason why you should not sport your leather threads and enjoy a styling Sinikka-Summer!



Posted on:

December 7, 2019